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Is your home or business well-protected against vandals and intruders? Lighting is an integral part of an effective security system. If you don’t have a security system professionally installed in place, then you may want to rethink your answer to the previous question.

Even if you equip your home or business with a state of the art security system, strategically placed motion-activated outdoor security lighting can make a huge difference in detecting and preventing any potential threats.

Security lights can also make hiding very difficult.  So, there are higher chances that any intruder will be caught and brought to justice. The best security lighting system supports physical detection and facial recognition, limits hiding spots, and increases your overall sense of safety.

Why Should You Install Outdoor Security Lighting?

Whether residential or commercial, installing security lights can provide you with a wide range of benefits. The upfront investment is really an investment in your, your loved ones’, and your business safety.

  • Ridding your property of dark shadows and hiding spot is the first, and most obvious, benefit of setting up security lighting. This eliminates most places where intruders or vandals can conceal their presence.

With clear nighttime visibility of your property, not only will you get a sense of security knowing that you can see anyone on your property. But it also alerts any potential predator to the fact that they’ll be exposed with no place to hide.

  • Is your home or business is located in a community? Then installing outdoor security lighting means that not only you can watch over your grounds, but your neighbors as well. They’ll be able to easily see if there’s a stranger lurking on your property and alert you of the situation with a quick call.
  • Security lighting is an investment that’ll also increase the value of your property. It’s one more feature that’ll make your property stand out if you ever end up selling it.
  • Do you often deal with small animals such as raccoons and skunks visiting your property? Then installing security lights can be a great way to keep them away. Motion-activated lights, in particular, can scare off these wandering critters and maintain the calmness of your grounds at night.
  • Last but not least, installing security lighting can be as aesthetically pleasing as it is effective. Your security lights can be set up in a way that helps create a beautiful outdoor space.

What are the Types of Security Lights?

Security lighting systems utilize a variety of light types according to the needs and budget of your property. Here are the most common types of security lights:

  • Motion-activated outdoor security lights – these become active when the PIR (passive infrared) sensor detects movement, so the light is only turned on when needed to save energy. Most of these lights allow you to set the distance that it can activate from and the level of darkness it detects motion within.
  • Solar security lights – these generate their operating power from the sun during the day using rechargeable batteries, so they require no mains power or wiring. Once fully charged, these lights can emit light for 10 to 12 hours.
  • Timer and light-sensitive security light – these are programmed to activate at specific times or only when it gets dark and stays on until the morning using photocells.
  • LED and halogen floodlights – these are the most common type of outdoor security lighting, typically used for houses, car parks, and business premises.

If you’re ready to up the security of your home or business, contact us today and our team of licensed and insured electricians in NH will assist you at an affordable rate.

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