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Electrical Troubleshooting Services in NH

Electrical Troubleshooting and Tips

What if…

No Power 25% = Circuit Breaker tripped off

How to reset a circuit breaker:

  1. Go to breaker box and press breakers to off then on.
  2. Do the same to all spongy breakers.
  3. Check if power is restarted.
  4. Call Get Wired Electric @ 244-6870

No Power in Building

  1. Utility power is off/out (Check neighbors nearby).
  2. No power to anyone’s house then utility power problem.
  3. Main breaker in panel is off or broken.
  4. All breakers are off, try resetting all breakers.
  5. Something else. Call Get Wired Electric @ 244-6870

No Power to Lighting

  1. Light bulb is bad.
  2. Light switch is bad.
  3. No power. (see no power section)
  4. Light fixture is broken. (Maybe it’s time for a new one!)
  5. Time clock/photo cell is out of adjustment or broken.
  6. Fluorescent Mercury-Vapor, High pressure sodium lights all have ballasts and may need servicing from a qualified electrician.
    Call Get Wired Electric @ 244-6870

Fuse Panels

When a fuse detects too much power coming through a wire, a tiny piece of metal inside the fuse will break. This causes the power to stop running through the wire.

Question: Can you tell a fuse has gone bad by looking at it?
Answer: No, not always. The best solution is to change the fuse that is in question.

GFCI’s = Ground Fault Circuit Receptacles

Q: What are they?

A: GFCI’s are in areas where there is moisture. (i.e. kitchens, bathrooms, garages, basements, and outdoors.) The receptacles in these locations are more sensitive to problems and give you better protections from shock hazards.

*Technical Data: A GFCI receptacle is an electronic device that can measure small differences in power as little as 3 milliamps. Therefore, if the power from the hot side does not match the neutral side the GFCI will trip stopping the flow of power.

How to reset a GFCI Receptacle:

  1. Make sure all outlets are free from water hazards.
  2. Push the button that is “popped out” from the face of the receptacle.
  3. Now both buttons should be flush with the face of the receptacle.
  4. Check if the power is restarted.
  5. If not, call Get Wired Electric @ 244-6870

Smoke Detectors

Although, smoke Detectors are great safety devices, but once in a while a smoke detector will start “chirping” or worse, give out a non-stop alarm for no reason. So, here’s a tip on what to do if this happens to you.

However, if it’s a battery-powered smoke detector – take out the battery and replace it with a new one.

If it’s a 120-volt powered smoke detector –

  1. Turn off your circuit breakers one by one until the noise stops.
  2. Turn on all the circuit breakers again except the one controlling the smoke detector.
  3. You will then need to replace the 120-volt smoke detector.
  4. Lastly, to schedule a professional technician to test and evaluate your system today call

Energy Savings

Ask about our professional onsite evaluation on how to save money on your energy bills!

Moreover, LEDs and Compact Fluorescents are a great way to start your savings. Timers, watt stoppers, and motion sensors can save you too!

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