Commercial Electrical Services


One of the main requirements of any business is hiring a reliable company that efficiently handles commercial electrical services.

Commercial electric projects demand skilled electricians with far greater expertise than regular residential electric repairs.

Additionally, commercial sites require high-quality electrical work since it’ll affect both the aesthetics of your location as well as its overall function and potential profits.

Keep reading to find out more about commercial electrical services. And also how we can help you implement the best systems for your business.

What are Commercial Electrical Services?

Commercial electrical services are any upgrades, renovations, or installations that involve electricity. These are done in a commercial site (such as office building, apartment complex, hospital, or school).

Examples of commercial electrical services include :

  • The installation of safety and security systems such as cameras and security codes for your protection.
  • The installation or retrofitting of lighting systems such as motion-activated, energy-saving, exterior, and parking.
  • Installing intercoms, fire alarms, and smoke detectors.
  • Rewiring electrical equipment.

Our Commercial Electrical Services

As a full-service electrical company NH, we offer a consistent service for all your commercial electrical requirements.

Hiring a single company that can handle every aspect of your electrical work will save you time and money compared to hiring several ones to do each job separately.

So, by using a full-service company, you will be able to better communicate with the electricians about all your commercial electrical needs, not just bits, and pieces.

List of commercial electrical services that we offer:

  • Diagnosis and Repair – no matter the type of electrical equipment used for your business, our team of highly-trained professionals can effectively diagnose and repair even the most electrical issues.
  • Installations and Upgrades – the installation of new or replacement of existing electrical equipment is best done by our experienced electricians. This helps to avoid accidents and prevent damaging expensive equipment. This includes:
    • Commercial Electrical Improvements: whether it’s simple outlet installations or lighting and complete renovations focusing on energy efficiency, we can get the job done to help you create a perfect environment for your business.
    • Commercial Lighting: reliable lighting systems are essential for the success of many businesses. From adding ambiance to boosting energy savings and maximizing convenience, we offer a wide range of commercial lighting solutions to fit your unique requirement.
    • Commercial Safety and Security: the top priority for a successful business is the safety and security of its employees and customers. We can help you address all of the safety and security needs of your facilities such as security lights, motion detectors, backup generators, and more.
    • Commercial Energy Savings: we offer various solutions to help your business save money and energy while reducing its impact on the environment. As a result, it’s time you prevent the growing costs of energy from eating up your hard-earned money.

We also provide additional commercial electrical services such as:

  • Scheduling safety inspections and evaluations
  • Managing all aspects of the project
  • Hiring and supervising labor
  • Meeting deadlines and working within your budget
  • Proposing energy-saving alternatives

Our Commercial Electricians

We guarantee that our team of highly-experienced commercial electricians will:

  • Complete the job right from the first time to eliminate safety hazards and the hassle of delays.
  • Utilize the latest tools and technology to perform quality work.
  • Provide the proper permits, approvals, and inspections required by your area and field.
  • Provide detailed plans and up-front costs without overtime charges or unexpected expenses so you can decide the best course of action for your budget.

If you want to install or upgrade your commercial electrical system to keep up with the latest electrical code updates. Contact us today and our professional team will assist you with the proper commercial electrical services for your business.

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