Fuse Box to Circuit Breaker Conversion


Fuse Panel to Breaker Box Conversions

If your fuse box is outdated, you will need to upgrade it to a circuit breaker box.

  • Circuit breaker boxes are installed in all new homes. In some cases, before you sell or buy a home, the lenders will require that the wiring be brought up to code. If this is the case, you will need to install a circuit breaker box.
  • Circuit breaker boxes are easier to use and are much safer than fuse boxes.
  • The breaker trips when you over load the circuit, which means you must turn something off and then flip the switch back on.
  • It is easy to see which circuit tripped because it lights up a reddish orange color. In homes with a fuse box, you normally have only two to four fuses. A circuit breaker box can have many different breakers which reduce the chance of “tripping” them because you can have different things on different breakers.
  • Therefore, upgrading to a circuit breaker box will give you the comfort of knowing your home is safe from blowing a fuse and not having one around to replace it right away.
  • Also, circuit breaker boxes cut down on possible overloading of the fuse, which could result in a fire.

A professional, licensed, insured electrician can come to your home, look over your current wiring and give you an estimate for the conversion from a fuse box to a circuit breaker box.

To sum up, a circuit breaker box will better protect you, your family, and your home from fire hazards.

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