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Our Generator Installation NH services will never let you go without power again! Electrical power outages hit without warning, especially here in New Hampshire. At best they are an inconvenience, but at their worst, they can lead to thousands of dollars in damages. Plumbing can freeze and burst food in the freezer and the fridge doesn’t stay cold and spoils. A whole house or portable generator installation in NH will ensure that you will never be without power again and will keep your furnace going and your fridge cold. Don’t leave your family out in the cold. Have Get Wired Electric install a generator in your New Hampshire home.

Choosing a Back-Up Generator

Choosing a back up generator can be overwhelming. But at Get Wired electric we try to make the process as easy as possible. We have several sizes and varieties of stand-alone or whole house generators that you can choose from. With all the different options to choose from chances are we can find a make and model that suits your budget. At Get Wired we are a certified Generac and Kohler whole house generator distributor. An added convenience that many of our competitors can’t offer. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Whole House Generators Vs. Portable Generators

The major differences between the two generator options are price and power. As stated in the name a whole house generator can power all or nearly all of your house. While a portable generator will power only the necessities. The other major difference is the price. However, with many generator options to choose from we can find a generator that suits you and your family’s needs.

Whole House Generator Connection Methods

It is important that whole house generator systems be set up and installed properly.  You want to avoid the risk of shock and fire to the homeowner during use.  You also want a system that can’t back feed into the grid when in use, because you could be harming utility workers who are trying to restore power.

Moreover, when it comes to safe, code compliant options, there are 3 main methods of powering your whole house with a generator.  Some methods are more expensive and harder to install than others.  Hence, here’s a quick overview of the 3 common methods for generator installation:

1.   You can install a transfer switch between the meter and your electrical panel (or between your meter and the street).  You will usually have to temporarily cut off power at the street during the installation.  That switch can be a bit costly, and sometimes you will need a new electrical meter.  This option is a little involving, but it has one advantage — you can use an automatic transfer switch (ATS), so your home automatically transfers to generator power during a blackout.

2.  You can install a generator sub-panel, which will power a limited number of circuits in your house.  In fact, sub panels are slightly easier and less costly than the first option.  A generator sub panel sits next to your existing panel, and gets spliced into the circuits on the main panel that you want powered.  Usually, you don’t need to need to have the power company cut power to the house during the installation.  Generator sub-panels will typically run 6 to 12 circuits.

3.    You can install an aftermarket generator interlock switch on your existing panel.  This is the easiest and least expensive option, and it will work for most panels.  All it takes is an inter-lock kit designed to fit your existing panel.  They cost about $50 and take 10 minutes to install.  You’ll need an open 30 amp breaker on your panel, which will get wired to a NEMA outlet on the outside of your home (that cost about $50 in parts and less than an hour to install)   An interlock switch allows you to safely backfeed your panel — because it ensures that can’t have the main switch on, while the generator breaker is on.  You must turn off the main, slide the metal plate up, and then turn on the generator breaker.

There you have it, 3 different options for running whole house generators.

Hassle-Free Installation

One of our technicians will come to your home and perform a site survey to help you determine the size and placement of your generator. Installation procedures set forth by the manufacturers are very important. Improper installations are a leading cause for system failures and the manufacturers will not honor your warranty if your generator was installed incorrectly. You can rest assured that our trained electricians in NH will professionally install your new generator system to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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